Monday, April 29, 2013

Ice cream does not teach obedience

     This morning it is a little more deep and honest than my other post have been.  But as I have said many times this blog is not just a craft blog, or event blog, it is a little bit of everything going on in my life.  While I was reading and praying last night I started taking notes and I felt like I was supposed to share it.  This is difficult for me because I am by no means a good writer and you are bound to find many spelling and grammar errors but for what ever reason I am supposed to share this.
     God is showing me that I am like a child who continually does things wrong even though God has told me time and time again that what I was doing was going to lead to destruction. The idea of me struggling with obedience to God kinda blows my mind. I am not a rebellious kind of person. I like rules and I follow them and I get upset when people don't follow rules. I am still waiting to figure out why I struggle with this so much.
     During worship yesterday at church as I prayed and cried out to God I had these images playing over and over in my head of me as a little girl bringing a broken lamp to God in tears and ashamed because I knew I had done something wrong. He then grabbed my had and we walked away and he started working on training me in the way I should go like a Father on Earth would be responsible to do.

     Then during bed time with my kids frustration was arising in me as I called out to my children several times and they did not respond. As I sat there yelling at them about how they have gotten really bad about not listening any more and doing what ever it is they want to do God stopped me and said to me "Now do you see how I feel when I ask you over and over to do something and you are disobedient? The frustration that arises in me?"
     My heavenly Father clearly has a lesson for me to learn. All I could think to do is open up my bible and find all of the scriptures about obedience. It isn't but 2 chapters into the Bible that God starts introducing obedience to us. First thing in Genesis 2:16 he talks to Adam about being obedient in the garden. Then in 1 Samuel 12 Samuel talks about following God and and what happens if you "rebel" against his commands. As I read the commentary in my Fire Bible about how Samuel makes it clear that God's blessings and the nation's welfare were dependent on their reverence for God and obedience to his word I realized that my "nation" is dependent on my reverence for God and obedience to His word.

     God is showing me even as I write, what ever this is that I am writing, that my frustration with my kids and their struggles with obedience will not be overcome until I can be obedient to my Father. Even though God makes these things more clear to me it is still a struggle to not fall back into my patterns of habit. And just in case you were ever wondering eating ice cream and scrolling Facebook, instead of reading your bible, will not help you overcome your obedience problem.

Fighting to learn obedience for my little "Nation" is dependent on it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wishful thinking Wednesday #1

Wishful thinking Wednesdays

Short and sweet. Every Wednesday I will share some of my wishful thinking.  It may be silly or it may be serious.  Make sure to follow me on Facebook to keep up with what I am wishing this week.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Local Love #1

I LOVE Local!!!

I have decided to start posting some of our favorite local places.
This one is because of my big brother.  He came to visit one time and just had to go to this place Keagans Seafood because it was on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives on Food Network.  He just loves that show.  Since then the kids and I have been back several times and just love it.

The kids love coloring their pictures and taping them up on the wall.

Another kid favorite is that their "plates" are frisbee.  Perfect for heading across the street to the beach after wards.

I am a huge fan of their crab cakes.  It is what I get almost every time.
Next time you are down to Indian Ricks Beach stop in at Keagans.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Reasons I love the beach... #1

Seashells are readily available and make it easy to decorate on a budget.

(I designed and built this shelf about a year ago.
It still needs to be painted. Maybe we will see that in a later blog post.)

Monday, February 11, 2013

A used candle holder can go a long way

Here are some pictures of some cake/dessert stands I made about 2 years ago. They are super easy. All you need is a plate, candle holder, and some epoxy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Recycled Innovations Contest - I Won!!

Last month I entered a Facebook contest that Largo Recycles created to get people thinking about how they can re-use and re-purpose things. I entered my Jewelry Holder that I made out of an old drawer and decorated with plastic bottle caps.  Here is a video clip from a local news station that did a quick piece on all the winners from the contest.